ISIS militants allegedly smuggled into Europe

Libyan official said ISIS is smuggling militants into Europe on boats filled with migrants

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Government adviser Abdul Basit Haroun has said that ISIS militants are being smuggled into Europe on boats filled with migrants by gangs.

According to recent BBC reports, Haroun said ISIS is using “the boats for their people who they want to send to Europe as the European police don’t know who is from IS [ISIS] and who is a normal refugee or not.”

Haroun claimed that they hide among migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean and said that ISIS is allowing the gangs to operate in exchange for 50 percent of the profit made.

BBC reported that Frontex, a border control agency of the EU, earlier this year warned of the possibility of foreign fighters crossing into Europe using irregular migration routes.

Migrants are trying to cross into Europe by taking on the exhausting and deadly journey by walking, travelling in dodgy vessels through the Mediterranean, hiding underneath trucks and in train carriages.

The European Union (EU) is facing serious issues in tackling the deadly Mediterranean crisis,1,850 people have died since the start of the year and over 10,000 people have been plucked from the sea during joint EU member state patrols.

Another crisis in the EU is the fact that hundreds of migrants mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Africa try to cross into Serbia via Macedonia and Kosovo after travelling miles on foot.

Frontex data showed that around 43,360 people crossed borders using the illegal route in 2014 and already some 32,000 people arrived in the EU through the Balkans within the first three months of 2015.


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