Italian Coast Guard saves 2,900 in sea rescues

Italian guard ships and multi-nation naval mission and humanitarian organizations save at least 2,900 migrants from sea

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

At least 2,900 migrants rescued on Sunday by Italian Coast Guard ships and vessels, consist of a multi-nation naval mission and humanitarian organisations, the authorities said.

Twenty one different boats -many of them were unseaworthy wooden fishing boats- were sailed from the Libyan shores by smugglers, after being loaded with migrants trying to reach the Italian coasts, said the officials.

According to coast guard, military vessels from Italy, Ireland, Britain, Spain and a boat run by humanitarian personnel carried out the rescues.

According to an Irish military statement, the Irish naval vessel rescues approximately 600 migrants involving at least six operations in the waters northwest of Libya on Sunday.

Italian coast guard asked naval vessels or cargo ships in the area come to help to rescue the migrants after being called by satellite phones.

Italy alone has registered around 60,000 migrant landings since the start of this year, as the destination for Europe-bound migrant boats.

Migrants, escaping from wars and persecutions in the Middle East and Africa, seek asylum in Europe.

The European Commission has recently proposed an action plan on asylum and immigration that ensures the burden of 20,000 migrants intake among the EU member states.

The proposed document settles migrant quotas in accordance with the EU countries’ GDP level, population and number of migrants already living in those countries.  

So far almost 10 countries in the EU bloc including the UK, Hungary, Spain as well as France raised their objections to the action plan presented by the Commission.

The EU also approved last month a mission to tackle with the issue through destroying the migrant boats used for human trafficking in the Mediterranean.

But the UN put its reserves on EU’s decision to submerge vessels because of some humanitarian and military reasons which oblige to get a permission from the UN Security Council.


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