Italian MEP punished over insulting Angela Merkel

Italian MEP Gianluca Buonanno receives suspension over implying German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Gianluca Buonanno, member of the European Parliament, during a debate he attended, he chose to wear a small fake mustache - similar to Adolf Hitler’s and gave a Nazi salute while German Chancellor Angela Merkel was present.

According to the European Parliament, the far-right Northern League politician, Buonanno is “barred from participating in all activities of Parliament’s official bodies for 10 consecutive days," and also must pay a fine of €3,060.

Buonanno the day before the incident, he again caused reactions after he wore a T-shirt featuring Angela Merkel’s picture along with Adolf Hitler’s image. Some weeks earlier he had wore a Merkel mask which was considered as a sign of protesting the refugee crisis and the position Merkel holds towards it.

Such actions are not rare for the MEP as he applied dark paint to his face telling Italian citizens to “become a bit darker” if they wanted to be treated as well as black refugees.

Having many similar actions under his belt, he often provokes important meetings. From telling residents to buy guns to “defend themselves from delinquents” to bringing a sea bass to the Chamber of Deputies to stress the migrant plan followed, Buonanno has surely caused reaction.

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