Italian police arrest Tunisian Museum attack suspect

Italian Police arrests Moroccan suspected of involvement in Bardo attack

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Italian police have arrested a Moroccan man allegedly involved in the Bardo National Museum attack in Tunis which killed 21 tourists in March.

The Bardo attack involved in the killing of 21 tourists and a Tunisian police official by armed men.

On Tuesday, Italian anti-terrorism unit DIGOS detected the 22-year-old suspect in Gaggiano town, in northern Italy near Milano. Italian police did not give further information on the suspect’s involvement in the incident.

The DIGOS spokesman said that "a Moroccan national, wanted internationally, was arrested yesterday evening in a town in the Milan region. The Tunisian authorities suspect him of having taken part in the Bardo attack."

The  21 foreign tourists kılled in the attack on March 18th, included people from Japan, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Australia, Poland and France. Two Tunisian nationals were also killed and 44 more were wounded by the militants.

Tunisian security forces have arrested 46 more suspected militants as part of a crackdown after Bardo museum attack.

At the end of March Tunisian authorities claimed to have killed the alleged leader of the assault, Lokman Abu Sakhra. They also said they believed that there was a third gunman on the run.

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