Italy PM says 'spoilt brats' can’t ruin EXPO

Italian Prime Minister said protesters trying to ruin the expo in Milan will not be successful

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said “spoilt brats” who are trying to ruin the expo will not be successful, after thousands of protesters clashed with police during the opening of the Expo Milan 2015.

“They tried to ruin the fair, but four spoilt brats won’t ruin the Expo,” said Renzi to the Italian public television.

30,000 people participated at the “No Expo May Day Parade,” which later turned into a violent riot with protesters setting cars on fire, wrecking street fittings and damaging buildings.

Thousands of police who were deployed to the area responded with tear gas and water canons to disperse the crowd.

Demonstrators protested against the government claiming that Italian authorities are wasting public funds by hosting the Expo and is dragging the country into a deeper economic crisis.

However, Renzi has claimed the Expo would aid Italy in gaining confidence and recovering after years of recession.

The Expo Milan 2015 which started on May 1 and will conclude on October 31, aims to attract over 20 million visitors. According to Anadolu Agency, 147 countries will showcase best of their technologies aimed at sustainability managing global food and energy resources.

2015 Expo commissioner Giuseppe Sala said the event which will run until October 31 has already sold eleven million entry tickets.

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