Italy to focus on Libya in fight against DAESH

Italian Prime Minister says Libya is “priority” in supporting France against DAESH

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi arriving at the Elysee Palace in Paris and being welcomed by French President Hollande

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has stated that they will focus their attention on Libya, in order to help France fight DAESH, after he met with French President François Hollande on Thursday morning.

"Libya is the next focus," he said. "We must give top priority to Libya, which is likely to be the next emergency."

After the Paris terror attacks, which left 130 people dead and many more injured, the country has been taking great security measures, while trying to fight the source of the attacks.

To do so, Hollande has asked for Italy’s support by requesting the country send soldiers to Libya, DAESH’s next possible target, Italian media reported.

The meeting to discuss the issue was held on Monday.

However, Italy’s role is still uncertain. Renzi stressed that DAESH cannot be fought only by firepower.

"It also needs a cultural response, not just a military one," Renzi told reporters in Paris.

On the other hand, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that Italy could support France’s request.

“France has asked for help to lower its burden in some areas of conflict,” he said. “For us it is a moral and political duty.”

Since the Paris attacks, Hollande has held a number of meetings with other nations' leaders. He has already met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and American President Barack Obama in order to ask for military support.

Renzi also gave a speech at the Sorbonne University, where the Italian citizen Valeria Solesin, a victim from the Paris attacks, was studying.

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