Kiev: Ukrainian serviceman killed in east Ukraine

One Ukrainian serviceman killed and eight others injured in eastern Ukraine

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Kiev military has announced that one serviceman has been killed and eight other injured in recent pro-Russian separatist attacks on Thursday.

Ukrainian military spokesman Oleksander Motuzyanyk said the “Fighting has not died down along a broad stretch of the frontline from Krasnogorivka to Svitlodarsk.”

"The enemy is actively using heavy weapons ... The area of fighting is expanding," he added.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Europe warned of a “worrisome” advance of conflict in eastern Ukraine.

“Worrisome is that the geographical scope of the conflict seems to be spreading,” said Alexander Hug, deputy chief of OSCE

Although Russia and Ukraine agreed on a truce earlier this year in February, the West and Ukraine have frequently accused Russia of deploying soldiers to the region.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of sending forces to help the rebels in eastern Ukraine. However, it has admitted that there are Russian nationals fighting Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions alongside the separatists.

Tensions in the east of the country once again rose as earlier this week the authorities in Ukraine have shown off two Russian soldiers who were captured during a battle with pro-Russian separatist rebels in the country’s east on Sunday.

OSCE on Thursday announced that it had visited the two Russian soldiers in hospital and confirmed that the men had been to Ukraine “on missions” from Russia previously.

Ukraine suspends military cooperation

On Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament voted to suspend all sorts of military cooperation with Russia.  

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Supreme Council of Ukraine) disregarded five cooperation agreements, including one which provides the Russian military transit rights to reach Moldova.

The relations between the once-close partners have taken a negative turn when Russia annexed Crimea, Ukraine’s southern peninsula.

Over 6,200 people have been killed in the fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists, which started in April 2014 after the separatists gained control of large parts of the two regions.

Merkel says ‘unimaginable’ for Russia to take parting in G7

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said if Russia continued to violate international law in Ukraine, it cannot take part in the Group of Seven again.

"As long as Russia does not commit itself, and act according to, the fundamental values of international law, a return to the G8 format is unimaginable for us," Merkel said.

"Because only if we as the G7 convincingly stand for our common values can we credibly take responsibility on the international stage."

Merkel added that the Ukraine crisis should be solved in terms of the Minsk agreement which require a long time. Although European powers witnessed how Europe’s peaceful order was put into question, Merkel stressed that Europe “has a lot of patience and staying power.”

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