Kosovo opposition ruins parliament session using tear gas

Kosovo political opposition have ruined parliament's meeting with tear gas, protesting government's recent EU-sponsored deal with Serbia

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Smoke rises after the opposition lawmakers throw tear gas canisters during a session at the Kosovo's Parliament in Pristina, Kosovo October 08, 2015

Claiming that it is giving the country's Serb-majority areas greater powers, Kosovo opposition protested government's recent EU-sponsored deal with Serbia in a parliament session using tear gas and whistles.

During the protests earlier this week, Prime Minister Isa Mustafa had to run from the eggs thrown at him by the help of the security men protecting him with umbrellas.

Prime minister was the target of eggs hurled by opposition lawmakers also last month.

The opposition demands from the government a backtrack from the deal, fearing it will put Kosovo’s territorial unity in danger while the ruling coalition objects it, saying the opposition wants to come to power via anti-constitutional means.

Kosova declaration of independence from Serbia was adopted on 17 February 2008 by the Assembly of Kosovo. The legality of the declaration has been disputed by Serbia who sought international validation and support for its stance that it was illegal.

Serbia requested an advisory opinion from the International Court of Juctice in October 2008. The court determined that the declaration did not violate international law.

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