Luxembourg says refugee crisis to cause war in Europe

Luxembourg’ Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn announces refugee crisis can lead to end of European Union and push Europe into war

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Refugees wait to board buses on a field near the village of Babska, Croatia on September 23 2015

The ongoing refugee crisis in Europe can cause the European Union to collapse and trigger a war, Jean Asselborn, Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, told German media agency DPA on Monday.

“We have maybe only several months time left to save it,” said Asselborn.

"The European Union can break apart. That can happen incredibly fast, when isolation instead of solidarity, both inwards and outwards and outwards, becomes the rule.”

This is not the first time a European politician gave such a pessimistic message on the future of the EU.

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar stated in October that he thought the Union could “fall apart” if a solution to reducing the number of refugees and migrants isn’t successful.

Meanwhile, a minister from the Grand Duchy’s centre-left party accused politicians by saying “some who have not truly internalised the value of the European Union, which is not only material value.”

He did not talk about a war breaking out, however, he did underline his concerns over the increased tension in Western Europe, stressing the route of migrants.  

Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn. AFP Photo

“When the lid is shut in Sweden and Germany, then I do not know what will happen in the Balkans,” Asselborn told DPA, also adding that “I believe that there is already a very, very critical situation.”    

Thousands of Syrian refugees have been directing themselves towards western European countries, using a route through Greece-Macedonia-Serbia-Hungary-Austria, from east to west, forcing the 28-member bloc to face its worst refugee crisis in decades.

The UN refugee agency said that at least 700,000 refugees have reached Europe through the Mediterranean since the start of the year till October 2015.

In 2015, 562,355 refugees arrived on the shores of Greece and 140,000 arrived in Italy, as Europe faces the worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

Six percent of arrivals were from Iraq, 18 percent were from Afghanistan and more than half of arrivals were from Syria, where the civil war killed more than 300,000 people and forced 10.6 million people to flee the country since 2011.

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