Macedonia returns Kumanovo attackers’ bodies after autopsy

Dead bodies of Kumanovo attackers sent back to Kosovo from Macedonia after autopsy process

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The bodies of nine ethnic Albanians from Kosovo who attacked the Macedonian border city Kumanovo last week were sent back from Macedonia on Friday morning, after the autopsy process was done.

Government officials announced that another autopsy process will also be conducted by the Kosovo officials before their funeral.

After Macedonian officials released the names of the Kosovo Albanians [Kosovars] killed in the Kumanovo clashes, the relatives of the dead came to Macedonia to identify them and demanded for the bodies to be returned to Kosovo.

Macedonian government rejected the the demands saying they were part of a “terrorist attack” and an autopsy process was needed.

Kosovo Interior Minister Skender Hyseni denied Macedonian accusations over the responsibility of Kosovo in the Kumanovo attacks saying “what happened in Kumanovo is exclusively the responsibility of the Macedonian government.”

According to the investigations of Kosova Police, 21 Kosovo Albanians were under arrest in Macedonia for allegedly taking part in the Kumanovo “terrorist attack.”

Interior Minister Hyseni also called Human Rights organisations to help in releasing its citizens who were under arrest in Macedonia after the Kumanovo clash.

Kosovo investigates possible attacks on borders

According to Kosovo media sources, Kosovo Public Prosecution office held an investigation over the arrested people after it was claimed that some people from Kumanovo had planned an attack on Kosovo's borders.

Prosecution office said that the office started the initial investigation before the Kumanovo incident, “because of reasonable doubts that some individuals were planning to carry out criminal actions in Kosovo.”

"The State Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo, in relation to this case, after receiving a request along with evidence provided by the Kosovo police, has turned to the competent court with a demand to issue a search warrant. The suspects may be involved in the events that have taken place in Macedonia," the Prosecution office stated.

By that time, Serbian Foreign Minister also warned Macedonia that the threat of instability has not been removed yet.

“Any such adventurism should be most strongly discouraged. Creating a positive agenda for the strengthening of regional cooperation and promotion of the reconciliation process is one of the key priorities of Serbia’s chairmanship,” he said.

At least eight police officers and 14 members of an “armed group” were killed after a day-long of clash in the northern border city.

Kumanovo is an area of Macedonia with a dense ethnic Albanian population, and the location of an ethnic uprising which was staged in May 2001.

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