Macedonian opposition leader arrested amid wiretap scandal

Macedonian prosecutors blame main opposition leader for wiretapping and corruption

Updated Jul 28, 2015

State prosecutors in Macedonia have convicted the leader of the left-wing Social Democratic Union of Macedonia for alleged links to a wiretapping and corruption scandal.

Prosecutors posted their convictions on the Skopje main court's website about the opposition leader Zoran Zaev on Thursday, accusing him of participating in crimes like unauthorised wiretapping, audio recording, espionage and violence towards government officials.

Zaev denies the allegations and said that the state made these convictions because he revealed the wiretapping activities of the current government and because his party plans a mass protest against the government officials.

He also accused Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevksi of wiretapping civil, police officers and judges.

Lately, Macedonian politics has been in turmoil because of Zaev and his accusations.

Zaev presented the wiretapped recording of judges and government officials at a press conference, allegedly containing damning information that ministers and government officials tried to commit election fraud.

He added that his party has more than 100,000 conversations and 18,000 text messages that imply corruption and he is willing to share them with the public and prosecutors.

Prime Minister Gruevski denied the allegations and implied that there was a foreign-funded plot against him and his government to prevent it from moving towards EU negotiations.

Macedonia submitted its candidacy to the European Union in 2004 and has been a candidate since 2005.

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