Man commits suicide after killing two soldiers in Sarajevo

Gunman kills himself after killing two soldiers, wounding one soldier, three civilians

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Forensic personnel investigate a bus with windows broken by bullets after an attack in Sarajevo, November 19, 2015

Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) capital Sarajevo have said a gunman has killed two soldiers and wounded a soldier and three civilians on Wednesday evening.

The attacker, identified as Enes Omerovic, committed suicide after police surrounded his house in Sarajevo.

Omerovic killed two soldiers with an automatic weapon at a betting shop which was near the army barracks in the Sokolje, Rajlovac close to Sarajevo.

While the attacker was escaping from the betting shop, he wounded the third soldier. Two passengers and a bus driver also were wounded slightly by fragments of glass, police spokesman said.

The names of the soldiers who were killed are Armin Salkic, 26, and Nedeljko Radic, 34. 

Denis Zvizdic, BiH’s Prime Minister also informed the armed forces servicemen of the shooting after an emergency government meeting.

"Security will be raised at the top level to prevent such incidents in the future," Zvizdic said adding that gunman’s motives were unknown but part of an official investigation.

Sarajevo police commissioner Vahid Cosic said that police surrounded his house and after hearing detonation, police found that Omerovic’s was killed.

The attacker is suspected of being linked to a militant group.

"Those are rumors and insinuations. It is too soon and we cannot say things like that," Cosic said, local media reports.

The Director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) Perica Stanic told to media "We still have no confirmation that this was a terrorist attack, we hope it was not."

SIPA also said a special team have been deployed to support the investigation that is being carried out by Prosecution of BiH.

Dragan Lukac, the Director of the Federal Police Directorate said in a local TV that "It's still too early to talk about terrorism."

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