May's gamble to win stronger mandate turns into nightmare

Prime Minister Theresa May is now fighting to hold on to her job as British voters denied her the stronger mandate she had sought to lead the country into divorce talks with the European Union.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May waits to speak after retaining her seat at the count centre for the general election in Maidenhead, June 9, 2017.

When the British Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap general election in April, the opinion polls suggested her Conservative party would win a huge majority. 

Two months on, the reality may be different. Ballots are still being counted, but all indications are that although the Conservatives will be the largest party, they might not have enough seats to govern on their own, as was the case following the 2015 election. 

This election was meant to focus on Brexit. But the result could mean a hung parliament and days if not weeks of confusion.

And as for Theresa May, her political future looks very uncertain. She gambled, but didn't deliver, and that will be seen as a personal failure.

From London, TRT World's Simon McGregor-Wood reports.

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