Merkel calls for 'fair distribution' of refugees

Merkel met with her counterpart Rajoy and called for a 'fair distribution' of refugees by European countries

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

German Chancellor Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy hold documents during a German-Spanish business meeting in Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her Spanish counterpart Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Berlin on Tuesday where she stressed the need for the fair distribution of refugees by EU countries.

Merkel said that the distribution of refugees is part of a strategy to cope with Europe's unprecedented refugee crisis.

After meeting with Rajoy, Merkel told the press conference "For those refugees who are being persecuted or have fled war, there should be a fair distribution in Europe based on the economic strength, productivity and the size of each country."

Merkel and Rajoy's joint statement also stated that the European Commission should take more responsibility to resolve the refugee crisis and that countries make a list to determine of origin of refugees so that it is easier to determine whether they have valid claims of asylum.

"We agree that the Commission should define safe countries of origin, that European countries should join forces to help Italy and Greece open registration centres and that those who have no right to stay go back to their countries of origin," said Merkel.

In regards to the refugee crisis Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy said "There are two things we must say clearly - the European Commission must say, identify what are the safe countries of origin ... and we need to work towards a certain harmonisation in future."

EU Interior and Justice Ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting in Brussels on Sept. 14 to discuss the refugee crisis following a request from Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Merkel also said on Monday after the meeting “If we do not manage to find a fair distribution of refugees within Europe, then some will certainly bring the Schengen topic back onto the agenda. We don’t want that. We want a fair distribution of refugees. Then no one will have to talk about Schengen.”

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, on Monday, announced that according to rising influx of refugees Poland will make a new commitment on top of the 2,200 it has already agreed to accept under the EU’s quota system.

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