Merkel extends her votes ahead of Super Sunday

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gains ground amid growing criticism over her open-door refugee policy according to poll designed as hypothetical presidential election

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands in front of her election campaign tour bus in 2013.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has increased her votes, according to a poll which designed as a hypothetical presidential-style election on Wednesday.  

The poll formed by Forza research company indicated that Merkel has won 50 percent of the votes as her Social Democrat (SPD) rival Sigmar Gabriel received just 13 percent.

Compared with the last election result, there was two percent rise on the chancellor's votes.  

The conservative bloc, which is composed of Merkel’s Christian Party (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), got 35 percent of the votes without showing any alteration.  

The Alternative for Germany (AFD), which is expect to be doing well in the Sunday’s election, obtained 10 percent of the votes, climbing one percentage point.  

Leader of the Alternative for Germany (AFD) Party Frauke Petry [L] with co-chair Jörg Meuthen

On Sunday, more than 12 million voters will go to ballots to elect three new regional parliaments for the southwestern states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as eastern Saxony-Anhalt.

The so-called Super Sunday will be the first important electoral test for Merkel on her migration policy after a tough eight months when she has lost support over her open-door refugee policy.

Germany has accepted more refugees than any other European countries as a response to the major refugee crisis so far, and is set to receive an estimated 1.5 million people by the end of this year.

"These elections are very important... as they will serve as a litmus test for the government's disputed policy" on refugees, political scientist Jens Walther from Düsseldorf University said.

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