Merkel urges Germans to live in solidarity with refugees

Angela Merkel has asked Germans to be in solidarity with refugees and has again stated her belief that Germany will handle this crisis

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged her citizens to provide solidarity to asylum seekers and she addressed that Germany will get through the biggest refugee crisis that has faced lately.

“It is true that we are living in a challenging time. But it is equally true that we can manage this, because Germany is a strong country,” she said on Thursday in her annual New Year’s speech.

Germany accepted almost 1.1 million refugees this year and federal states are planing to budget about 17 billion euros ($17.58 billion) to accommodate for refugees next year.

Merkel premediated her open door policy for asylum seekers and meantime she expressed increasing anxiety of Germans over the rush.

“We are working at national, European and international levels to improve the protection of Europe’s external borders, to move from illegal migration to legal migration, to address the root causes of the problem, and [...] to reduce the number in a sustainable way and permanently,” she said.

During her speech, without expressing the name, she criticized PEGIDA, xenophobic far-right group, and accused its leaders for trying to create enmity against Muslims.

"What is important is that we should not let others divide us. Not in terms of generations. But also socially, and between original citizens and newcomers, new citizens,” she said.

Merkel asked Germans not to take place in protests against refugees and she discussed that refugees could make contribution to the society as well as to the economy, if they are socialized with the society.

On the other hand, Merkel wanted refugees to be respectful to values of Germany.

“Our values, our traditions, our understanding of law, our language, laws and rules….they are holding our society together, they are the basic prerequisites of a common life with mutual respect for all in our country," she said.

"That also applies to each and everyone who wants to live here."

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