Merkel's office sealed off due to suspicious package

German police spokesman says office of Chancellor Angela Merkel has been sealed off due to delivery of suspicious package

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Police removes suspicious yellow postal crates near the chancellory in Berlin, Germany on January 6, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin was sealed off on Wednesday after the discovery of a suspicious package during routine checks on incoming parcel deliveries, the police said. 

"We are investigating a suspicious package," Federal Police spokesman, Thorsten Peters, said, adding that the police were still dealing with the situation.

The German government did not immediately comment on the situation.

A regular meeting of ministers that was set to be held on Wednesday morning was carried out after police cordoned off an area around the Chancellery, a witness told Reuters.

Peters told Reuters that police officers were waiting for specialists to inspect the package.

Later, the police said that they found nothing in the suspected package at Merkel's office. 

The package was found in the wake of a security scare in Germany, after police were informed about potential militant attacks in Munich.

TRTWorld, Reuters