Migrant crisis continues across Europe

Migrant crisis expands as European Union naval rescue mission vessels continue saving migrants across Mediterranean

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

As part of the European Union naval mission, operation Triton, Swedish and Italian vessels detected and rescued nearly 900 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday.

Personnel from the Italian navy ship, the Fenice announced via Twitter that they saved migrants from an overcrowded dinghy and took them to the Sicilian island of Lampedusa.

Although navy personnel did not give an exact number of rescued migrants, an Italian news agencies reported that the vessel saved 50 migrants and  are looking for 50 more who have been lost at sea when the boat started to deflate.

The Swedish vessel, Poseidon also rescued an estimated 800 migrants from two overcrowded boats on the same day as the Fenice vessel. The Swedish coast guard, Italian Marine Corps and an Irish ship worked together to rescue the migrants from their wooden boats and transport them to Italy.

Italian government officials announced that smuggling migrants through the sea in overcrowded boats resulted in 200 deaths in July alone.

Italian police also reported that as 270,000 migrants and saylum seekers arrived in Italy through the Mediterranean, 900 human traffickers have been arrested since the beginning of January 2014.

Because the rescued migrants can easily identified them, the police can easily arrest the traffickers.

Migrants accused the traffickers of using knives and belts to beat and torture the migrants throughout their journey to European countries.

Being migrant in Greece

Migrants on the Greek Island Kos were involved in a confrontation police while waiting for their legal immigration papers in a stadium. Police forces used tear gas and batons.

The violent conflict came a day after the suspension of a police officer accused of attacking a Pakistani migrant with a knife.

After Italy, Greece has been the second most popular destination for migrants and asylum seekers who use the Mediterranean to reach European countries.

Officials mentioned thousands of migrants saying on Kos Island, they camped in parks, gardens, streets and lived in poor conditions.

On Wednesday, the number of migrants staying in Kos increased by the detection of two overcrowded and wrecked dinghies. Italian rescue vessels also brought 50 migrants to Kos who were rescued from the Mediterranean.

The medical charity group Doctors Without Borders (MSF) also announced that more than 7,000 migrants have reached the Greek island since the beginning of July.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reported that 124,000 migrants landed on the Greek island since the beginning of this year.

Migrants and asylum seekers try to reach Kos island from Turkey, as an alternative route from North Africa to Italy for a better life in one of the EU countries such as Germany, Scandinavia or the Netherlands.

Being migrant in Sweden

Swedish police officers announced that the security at the asylum and migrant centers are to be increased right after detention of two Eritrean asylum seekers for allegedly stabbing two people to death in an IKEA store.

Two people were stabbed and killed at an Ikea store in Vasteras, Sweden on Monday, officials announced, adding that two of the suspects from  the attack were arrested.

Sweden has been one of the most popular choices for asylum seekers with its high rate of per-capita income.

Although migrants have been relatively comfortable in Sweden, two migrants were shot death while sleeping in their car last week.

According to the statistical commission of the European Union (Eurostat), Sweden received more than 40,000 asylum applications and accepted three quarter of them in 2014.

Being migrant in Germany

German police have demanded the reintroduction of European border controls within the EU member countries in order to “tackle”  the increasing number of migrants.

Police departments are also asking for an extra 1,000 security forces to be employed on the borders.

According to AFP, the number of migrants who arrive in Germany will exceed 500,000 by the end of 2015

EU countries lifted passport checks within the Schengen area countries which included 22 countries involving Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.


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