Migrant crisis continues in Mediterranean

European migrant crisis continues over the weekend, with petrol boats continuing rescue operations

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Over 1,000 migrants were detected and rescued just before being capsized over the weekend on the coast of Sicily, according to Italian coastguard reports.

The coastguard officials said that as a part of the EU’s Triton patrol and rescue operation team, Croatian navy vessel, Italian patrol boats and vessel of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) were present in the rescue operations.

The Croatian Navy rescued 671 migrants including 48 children on Sunday in five different operations, while the MSF vessel picked 400 migrants from the Libyan coast.

The rescued migrants were taken different ports in Italy.

Migrant crisis at Hungarian border fence

While migrants who were trying to smuggle themselves into Italy were rescued, migrants at the border of Hungry tried to cut the fences that have been built along the Serbian border to infiltrate into the country in hopes of reaching other EU countries.

The Hungarian government announced in mid-June a four-metre high, 175 kilometre-long border fence was built to stem the flow of illegal migrants.

The migrants, mostly from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq wanted to enter Western Europe to seek a better life have winded up in the Serbian border town Subotica in large numbers.

They sleep in old buildings or outdoors in dirty unhygienic conditions.

The fence to prevent illegal migrants from entering is to be completed in late August, however, they are able to enter Serbia from its southern neighbour Macedonia at a rate of over 1,000 per day, according to the Hungarian government.

An estimated 100,000 migrants and refugees have entered Hungary in 2015. 

Migrant crisis in Austria

The Austrian police have announced that more than 125 migrants have been rescued from motorways over the weekend, including pregnant women and children.

They found an abandoned truck on the motorway and rescued 86 migrants who were jam-packed in the back of the truck waiting at least 12 hours along the motorway to reach European countries.

Police also found 40 Syrian refugees sitting along the motorway on the grass.

Austrian government officials reported that only two out of the 125 migrants had seeked asylum in Austria.

The officials believed that migrants have been using Austria as a passage in more ways than one. Migrants who cannot enter the Channel Tunnel from French Calais port use Austria to reach Germany and Scandinavian countries.

Additionally, migrants who can cross the Hungarian borders use Austrian motorways to reach Calais, Germany and other European countries.

The United Nation’s refugee agency announced that since January, more than 224,000 migrants have arrived in Europe. 2,100 migrants have died on their journey for a better life prior to making it to the European countries.

Migrant crisis at Channel Tunnel

British police detected 18 migrants in the back of a truck on a British motorway on Sunday.

While the driver was detained over smuggling suspicions, migrants were sent to police stations.

Officials believed that the migrants who smuggled themselves into the lorry came from the French port city Calais.

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