Migrants hurt in attempt to reach Britain through Eurotunnel

Three migrants hurt on their way to UK after illegally entering the channel tunnel

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Three migrants were injured when approximately 100 migrants tried to pass to Britain through the French Eurotunnel terminal at Coquelle, north of Calais on Tuesday mornıng, obliging the authorities to close the passenger services for 90 minutes.

Freights were also postponed overnight after the migrants were found. According to the Eurochannel operator, two immigrants were found in the train and one close to the railways.

The channel tunnel has been operating since 1994, connecting Folkestone, Kent, in the UK, with Coquelles, near Calais. It hosts Eurostar trains for passengers as well as freights and has constantly dealt with immigrant issues since its opening.

According to reports, one immigrant died after he  jumped on a freight train in an attempt to reach the UK on July 7.

Due to increasing incidents, a secure zone is to be set up at the port of Calais in order to protect lorries, said Britain’s Interior Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday.

“This should transform protection for lorries and their drivers, removing them from the open road, where they can become targets for migrants attempting to board their vehicles,” May said in the House of Commons.

The zone will hold 230 vehicles and should start operating before September.

Still, officials worry about the amount of attempts made by migrants to flee war and conditions of poverty in their homelands.

May stated that French and British authorities have cut off more than 8,000 attempts to cross to into the UK illegally between June 21 and July 11.

"We in no way underestimate the scale of the task at hand in Calais, but we are concerned that there is a sense that the situation there is spiralling out of control," Chairman of the Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz said.

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