MPs use tear gas to interrupt Kosovo parliament session

Kosovo opposition fires tear gas canisters in parliament to protest ruling coalition and its EU-brokered deal with Serbia and Montenegro

Photo by: AP (Archive )
Photo by: AP (Archive )

Opposition lawmakers in Kosovo disrupt parliament session, using tear gas and whistles in the capital city of Pristina on October 8, 2015.

Opposition lawmakers in Kosova used tear gas in the parliament on Thursday and interrupted a parliamentary session to protest coalition government and its EU-brokered deal with Serbia and Montenegro.

After the incident, speaker of the parliament Kadri Veseli suspended the session.

It was not the first-time opposition lawmakers organized such protests. They used tear gas canisters nine times since September.

Opposition lawmakers also disrupted the parliament with whistles and water bottles to protest against an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia giving special autonomous powers for Serb minority.

The opposition has used tear gas as a protest tactic several times during the last few months, most recently on Nov. 30. (AFP Archive)

The opposition lawmakers also refused a border demarcation deal with Montenegro.

Last month, they opposed the election of the new president in parliament and also have contested it at the constitutional court.

Thousands had protested in Kosovo's capital Pristina last month and called the government's resignation over deals with Serbia and snap elections.

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