NATO command headquarters’ to relocate from Italy to Romania

NATO’s exercises requires command headquarters’ relocation to from Naples to Romania

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

NATO has decided to move its Allied Joint Force Command headquarters from Naples, Italy, to Romania, in order to watch Russia’s moves in Ukraine and keep an eye on other security problems in the region.

The command headquarters will move to Cincu, a mountainous region in Romania with a large military shooting range.

The headquarters will be moved for 12 days in June to support the training of 21 NATO allies and 1,000 troops in an exercise.

The commander of the Allied Joint Force Command, US Navy Adm. Mark E. Ferguson III said that this exercise help the troops and the administration to develop their ability to move in short time and without mistakes.

"This deployment will be the first time a NATO Joint Force Command headquarters has deployed to Romania," he said.

“The exercises are defensive in nature and are focused on enhancing our interoperability, readiness, and responsiveness."

Public affairs officer Lt. Col. Thorsten E. Smoll from Naples mentioned that the exercise will be multinational, and there will be 350 staff members to test their abilities to work together and command large troops.

The exercise will not be limited to Cincu. While relocating, NATO and the US will hold drills in Poland, the Baltics and the Baltic Sea.

While NATO’s Striking Force manages the Allied maritime exercise, The US Navy will test missile-defence ships in the Black Sea and US Army Europe will test its capability in the Baltic States.

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