Neo-Nazi related car licence plates banned in Austria

Austria’s Transportation Ministry prohibits car licence plate numbers that hide Nazist symbolism

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Personalised plate numbers which hold hidden Nazi related meanings are no longer legal in Austria, banning any kind of implementation to Nazism.

The anti-fascist Mauthausen Committee (MKO) had made the list of the number and letter combinations banned in the country and applied the law on Thursday.

Letters and numbers such as HJ (Hitler Jugend or Hitler Youth), NS (National Socialism), BH (Blood and Honour), WAW (White Aryan War), FG -Fuehrer's Geburtstag (leader's birthday), 420 -  April 20, (Hitler's birthday), 1919 -(meaning SS) and 88 (Heil Hitler) are considered to be codes related to Nazism.

Number 74 has also been banned as it refers to a specific German Nation.

Austrian Transportation Ministry has made it clear that such an ideology is not welcomed in the country.

"National Socialist ideology has no place in our society," said transportation minister Alois Stoeger.

“When it comes to this issue, nothing is too small,” he added. “Therefore, it has been my personal concern that we find a way to ban the relevant licence plates codes.”

Austria has more than half million people who own personalised licence plates.

"It has been forbidden to have obvious Nazi number plates since personalised plates went on sale in 1989," Austria's transportation ministry spokeswoman told BBC.

The law concerns new applications for licence plate number and not existing ones. However, personalised licence plates expire after 15 years.

Germany has also a list of certain number and letter combinations but still has not managed to make a general legislation in the country.

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