Nortwestern England begins slow recovery after storm

Nortwesten England begins slow recovery after flooding brought by Storm Desmond

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A street in Carlisle, Britain.

Residents of northwestern England start cleaning their properties after flooding brought by Storm Desmond continued to subside on Wednesday.

Nonetheless, the destruction caused by the storm it has brought on some serious damage for the residents.

Most of the homes affected by the flooding have now had their power restored, but the clean up work around the homes and businesses is still in process.

British Finance Minister George Osborne announced on Wednesday a 50 million British pound fund for families and businesses affected by the floods to resume their normal lives in Cumbria and Lancashire.
"We can't do any work at all. My husband can't do any work because none of his equipment works because it was 33 inches deep in water. So all the equipment, electrical equipment, we can't touch, we can't use. And we've got cars here that were full of water," said Mrs. Greenbank, owner of a local garage.

"The shop is obviously devastated. We've lost thousands and thousands of pounds, but we've got all the premises and we will be open. So we can at least trade. There's a lot of people who lost their housing and everything" said Byrom, owner of a local carpet store.

More than 6,400 homes may have been flooded totally, according to police in Cumbria county where has suffered an estimated 500m pound of damage.However British Muslim charity, Al Imdaad Foundation will send their teams this weekend in order to help rescue works by more than 60 volunteers from the charity.

Sufyaan Valimulla, 23, part of a team from the Al-Imdaad Foundation told The Independent: “We’re liaising with the Cumbria fire and rescue service. This morning we were told that a lot of people, especially the elderly, are going back from rescue centres to their homes, and are seeing the devastation there. We’ve been providing hot food, fresh water, and helping people clear their homes.”


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