Nurse becomes second Ebola patient in Italy

Nurse returning to Italy from Sierra Leone becomes Italy’s second Ebola patient

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Italian health ministry said that a nurse who worked in Sierra Leone tested positive for the Ebola virus one week after his return to Italy.

The nurse was hospitalised in Sassari, Sardinia, and is waiting to be transferred to a clinic in Rome, where the first Italian Ebola victim was cured.

The nurse felt sick two days after his return and tests confirmed that he got Ebola from Sierra Leone.

After the nurse was quarantined, three more people were hospitalized for precaution in Sassari.

The regional health councillor, Luigi Arru said "The clinical facility that handled the emergency linked to the Ebola virus contracted by the 37-year-old Sassari in Sierra Leone has ordered a period of quarantine for three people."

The health ministry did not announce the identity of the nurse, but said “[the nurse] he used to carry out regular self-monitoring of his conditions, which enabled to act quickly to avoid possible contagion."

“The patient was feverish, lucid and cooperative at the time of hospitalization,” said the doctors in Sierra.

Sierra Leone is one of three West African nations at the epicentre of the worst outbreak of the disease on record which has killed close to 4,500 people since first appearing in the Guinean forest last December.

The virus has killed over 10,000 people in West Africa so far, with nearly 12,000 cases of the disease coming from Sierra Leone.

According to the WHO, a total of 868 health workers have caught the virus in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone since the start of the outbreak, of whom 507 died.

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