Palestinians removed from flight after Israeli complaint

Flight from Greece to Israel has been delayed after Israeli passengers refuse to take off with two Palestinian passengers onboard and force cabin crew for their removal

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Commuters stand in front of electronic check-in machines of Aegean airlines inside Athens' Eleftherios Venizelos airport October 23, 2012

An Israeli-Palestinian and a Palestinian passenger have been removed from an Aegan Airlines flight from Athens to Tel Aviv on Sunday after a group of Jewish Israeli passengers refused to take off with them as they accused them of being “terrorists” and forced cabin crew to remove them from the flight.

The flight 928 has been delayed nearly two hours after Jewish passengers didn’t take their seats and prevented the plane taking off until two passengers have been removed.

According to Israeli Radio, group of Israelis also demanded luggages of the passengers accused of being terrorist to be checked. However the cabin crew refused to check the luggages.

The policemen checked the documents of the two passengers and said they found nothing suspicious.

Both passengers who have been removed from the flight after they were racially profiled have accepted the offer of overnight stay in a hotel and transportation.

The airline company said after the incident that 60-70 people followed three or four passengers and stood up demanding the pair to get off the plane.

“The pilot said anyone who does not feel safe to fly should disembark and would not be compensated. But by that stage, the two men were in a poor state and wanted to leave themselves,” a spokesperson for the airline company said and thanked the two passengers who agreed to disembark for their understanding.

“We apologise for the whole episode which was indeed extremely unfortunate,” the spokesperson said.

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