Paypal blocked funding of Nemstov report

Internet payment service provider Paypal blocked funding for report on Ukraine crisis

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The online secure payment service provider Paypal has blocked a Russian account linked to Boris Nemstov. The account was intended to be used for the collection of donor money and investment for the report Nemstov was working on prior to his death.

The report illustrates Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis. A version of the report was released in a limited form by Nemstov’s allies.

Paypal "does not offer the option of using its system to receive donations for political parties or political causes in Russia," a digital letter posted by the online service provider said.

Co-authors of the report, now called the ‘Putin.War’ report say the report entails evidence that supports Russia's support for Pro-Moscow separatists fighting Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine’s east.

The report also contains testimonies of individuals directly involved in the conflict and interviews with the families of Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine.

It is estimated that over 200 Russian soldiers have died fighting in eastern Ukraine. Two major battles took place to this date, one last year and one at the beginning of this year.

Nemstov initiated the report after some relatives of deceased Russian soldiers approached him, after they were dismissed from receiving military death payments from the government, allies of Nemstov claimed.

Nemstov as an opposition leader wanted to make the report accessible to the wider public against what he saw as government ‘propaganda’ in favor of the war.

The report only had a circulation of 2,000 copies as of yet, however activists have promised a much larger circulation target with the help of public funding.

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