Poland to accept 2,000 migrants

Poland to let 2,000 migrants from Syria and North Africa into country by 2017

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Poland’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said on Thursday that it has agreed to accept 2,000 migrants coming in from Syria and North Africa by 2017.

The decision is part of the European Union’s plan to reshuffle refugees in the area and provide a solution to the migration crisis.

"The deputy minister declared today during an informal meeting with his counterparts in Luxembourg that Poland would be ready to host 2,000 people by 2017," said the ministry's spokeswoman Malgorzata Wozniak.

Previously, Poland was among other EU countries who had refused to abide by the mandatory migrants quota that was issued by the European Commission.

As of now, however, Poland propounds that it will strive to show solidarity with the EU regarding the migrant crisis.

EU leaders announced in June that it will share the 60,000 refugees who arrive at their shores via the Mediterranean throughout the two years to come.

It is yet to be decided on each European nation’s role in the distribution of migrants.

Scores of Syrians who fled home because of war, or others who have been displaced, may be resettled in Europe, according to a plan outlined on Thursday at the Luxembourg meeting.

The amount of migrants to be resettled is estimated to be approximately 20,000.

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