Poland swears in new president

Andrzej Duda is sworn in as new Polish president in Warsaw

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Andrzej Duda took his oath as Poland’s new president in Warsaw, on Aug. 6 after he won over his opponent Bronislaw Komorowski.

The Conservative, a Law and Justice (PiS) political party member, was a lawyer and a European Parliament Member. One of his main promises is to dig into the NATO defence situation.

"All of us in central-eastern Europe need a greater NATO presence here given the current difficult geopolitical situation," he said on his parliament speech.

Duda stated that to stress out the intervention of Russia in Ukraine.

He engaged with new tax reforms in favour of the citizens such as lowering the retirement age, economic child support and raising the limit of the tax free income.

Along with the public reformations, he also talked about the country’s benefits abroad.

"We need to ensure a cohesive European Union but in such a way that while doing so our interests are also taken into consideration," he said.

As the president, Duda will have a say in Poland's foreign affairs and will have the power to propose and veto legislation.

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