Poland to take in exiled Poles

Poland allocates capital to bring tens of thousands of Poles living in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, other Soviet republics

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

During EU refugee programme, the issue of exiled Poles was raised to bring them in Poland

Poland's finance minister said on Sept. 29 that Poland will take a step to bring ethnic Poles who are living in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other Soviet republics.

The matter has been ignored for a long time and was revealed during a discussion over the EU’s plan to share 120,000 refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Poland is supposed to host 7,000 of them.

According to critics of the EU refugee program, Poland should first take in ethnic Polish people who were dismissed from their homes by the Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Poland earmarked a fund to bring back ethnic Poles and it would cost about $8 million in 2016, Polish government said.

Local governments will use the funding for housing, Polish language lessons, and professional training.

Funding for people from Eritrea and Syria will be provided by the bloc under the EU refugee programme.

During World War Two, Soviet authorities exiled Poles from the district to Siberia or Kazakhstan by the Red Army.

Until the 1990’s, people could not turn back to the Soviet Union and Poland, which were under communist control.

According to the Interior Ministry, nearly 5,000 ethnic Poles have been brought to Poland from Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan. However many more are still waiting to return.

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