Poland’s Catholics uncertain about Pope’s call on refugees

Pope calls on Europe to take in more refugees despite Polish Catholics’ doubts

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Francis, current Pope of the Catholic Church speaking in Vatican City.

Pope Francis has called on his followers to open their hearts, convents, parishes and monasteries to shelter refugees in Europe, but Polish Catholics, have fears that the refugees will threaten their econamic status and security.

"On the question of taking in immigrants Pope Francis is wrong,"  a prominent Catholic politician, Jaroslaw Gowin, said Friday.

Gowin also added that, only refugees who can adept to the living rules of Poland, should be taken in by Poland.

Although the pope can be a public figure, in one of the most predominantly Catholic nation in Europe, he also expresses the general mood in a country, with very little ethnic variety. Numerous people also argue that, despite the growing economy, the ex-communist country is still far to poor to be able take in refugees.

"First we should take care of poor families in Poland and then, yes, then we can help the refugees," said Monika Kuta, a single mother.

The European Union wants Poland to take in 12,000 refugees. The capital and the largest city in Poland, Warsaw, has accepted to take in 2,000 refugees within two years.

Lech Walesa, who was the leader of the Solidarity freedom movement in the 1980s, said he would be ready to welcome refugees into his home, if his wife agrees with him adding, he would even cook for them.

"We have to share our last slice of bread with those in need. We are humans," Walesa said, but emphasized that "we must do everything to prevent them from destabilising our situation."

A spokesman for the Catholic charity, Caritas, also voiced resistance about taking in refugees and said "it is impossible to follow Francis' gesture in Poland now, because we have no Syrian refugees." to the Associated Press.



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