Poles protest after government bars media from parliament

Opposition lawmakers say the move is a violation of the constitution and have blocked access to the legislature’s main chamber. The government insists they’re just sore losers.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The protesters say they’re protecting their right to free speech and information. Here a protester outside the parliament building holds a placard reading "Free Media!"

Protesters gathered on Sunday outside the Polish parliament building in Warsaw to decry the government’s decision to bar media from attending parliamentary sessions. 

The ruling right-wing Law and Justice Party responded by accusing the opposition of illegally trying to seize power. Since coming to power in late 2015, the party has repeatedly come under fire at home and from European Union officials in Brussels for what critics call undemocratic moves designed to tighten its grip on power, including taking greater control of state media and changes to the constitutional court.

TRT World's Matthew Symington reports from Warsaw.

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