Police bust Chinese mafia’s branch in Spain

Spanish police arrests Chinese-run human trafficking gang

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Spanish police detected a Chinese-run gang and arrested 80 people who were alleged gang members on Monday over human trafficking charges.

According to the investigators, the gang worked to hide people from China who wanted to migrate and charged them 22,000 dollars to transfer them from China to North America and Europe.

Officials also found houses in Barcelona during the investigation which the gang allegedly used for hiding the migrants for their departures to places like Canada, the United States and Britain.

Police discovered around 100 fake passports, mobile phones, cash, and immigration rubber stamps while searching.

They also mentioned that one of the suspects used nearly 14 different identities while he travelled hide from the police.

The Spanish police thought that these arrests were the beginning of an important investigation on a Chinese mafia in Spain.

"The investigations revealed links between the criminal organization that has been broken up and other illegal Chinese organizations based in Spain involved in extortion and score-settling" said the police department in a statement.

"They charged an average of €20,000 for each person trafficked and made serious threats against their families if they did not pay."

Research helped the police to catch 70 migrants who came from China, in Spain. The migrants were caught while trying to fly from Spain with fake passports.

Police were not able to identify the ethnicity of the migrants from China.

Migrants fleeing China often tend to be ethnic Uighurs from China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, where they face death sentences, torture and restrictions on their Islamic practices.

Last year, 500 Uighurs migrated to Turkey and the Turkish government settled them in Kayseri.

17 Uyghurs also escaped to Thailand via Cambodia, where they originally identified themselves as Turks when they were detained.

After that, Turkey gave them passports and called them to settle in Turkey.

However this turned into a diplomatic problem between Turkey and China, when China did not allow the Uighurs to go to Turkey.

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