Police wound, capture Paris attack suspect in Brussels

Federal prosecutor of Belgium announces that police have taken five people into custody including Paris attack suspect

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Picture taken on December 3, 2015 at the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport outside Paris shows the wanted notice of suspects Salah Abdeslam (left) and Mohamed Abrini.

Updated Mar 19, 2016

Belgium's federal prosecutor said a total of five people were arrested on Friday in a four-hour police operation, including the most wanted-fugitive responsible for the Paris attacks in November.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office said in addition to Salah Abdeslam and another suspect linked to the Paris attacks, they were holding three other people, all of whom were members of the family that had sheltered Abdeslam

Abdeslam, the most wanted fugitive from November's Paris attacks was wounded and captured in a Brussels shootout on Friday, said a Belgian minister.

"We got him" wrote Theo Francken, Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, on Twitter.

Belgian police confirmed that they had found his fingerprints on Friday after he narrowly evaded capture earlier this week.

A police spokeswoman said an operation was ongoing and could not give further details.

Salah Abdeslam and his accomplices left at least 130 people dead and more than 300 others wounded in multiple attacks in Paris on November 13th. He was driven back to Brussels from Paris hours later.

Abdeslam's elder brother was also among the suicide bombers who killed themselves in Paris.

Moreover, a prosecutor confirmed that a man known as Samir Bouzid, who was on a wanted list, most probably is Mohamed Belkaid, an Algerian national killed in a police raid in Brussels on Tuesday.

Bouzid had been on French and Belgian wanted lists since December, when evidence emerged of him making a cash transfer from Brussels to a woman killed with other suspects in Paris five days after the attacks.

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