Polish presidential election results indicate a runoff

First results in Polish presidential election show that runoff will define winner between Komorowski and Duda

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Polish people on Sunday voted for next president of the country for which the incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski and conservative candidate Andrzej Duda will be contesting in run-off on May 24.

According to the exit polls by Ipsos, the President Komorowski staged with a 32.2 percent vote behind his conservative opponent Andrzej Duda who won 34.8 of the popular vote in the first round.

Opinion polls before the election had showed Komorowski as the favorite of the Sunday’s voting, but Duda has surprisingly challenged to the current president who was seeking to win a second term in his post.

Meanwhile, Pawel Kukiz, a punk rock musician, got 20.3 percent of the votes that puts him in the third place.

Kukiz’s votes are expected to define very likely the winner of the runoff in which Komorowski and Duda will try to take at least 50 percent of the ballots on May 24.

Since Kukiz has allied himself with Komorowski in the past elections, the incumbent is also expected to inherit Kukiz’s voters.

"Let's not have any illusions. We face hard work, a hard fight, but I am convinced that we are also facing victory", the Polish President told positively to reporters on Sunday as he gathered his supporters at the national stadium in Warsaw.

Sixty-two years old Komorowski had taken office of Polish presidency when the former president Lech Kaczynski and his delegation were killed in a plane crash near Smolensk air base in Russia as they were going to commemorate the Katyn massacre five years ago.

His biggest opponent Duda, 42, pledged his supporters that Poland will not be a part of Eurozone, a move he believes would increase the market prices in the country.  

Poland is the biggest economy in Eastern Europe that placed in the European Union since 2004, but still uses its national currency Zloty,  and one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

A possible loss of President Komorowski against Duda also means a blow in the center-right government of the Civic Platform led-by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz who succeeded Donald Tusk when he became the president of European Council after Herman Van Rompuy.  


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