Poll: Scottish people to see independence in their lifetime

New poll conducted by Sky News reveals Scotland to be independent in the future

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The recent poll conducted by Sky News has revealed that 55 percent of Scots believe that they will see the independence of Scotland in their lifetime.

According to Sky Data poll 1,936 people voted online between the periods of 17-19 April, 2015 and the data obtained was calculated in accordance to the total Scottish adult population.

Results obtained from the Sky Data has outlined that general election campaigns rise the chance of independence and that half of the voters from the UK also believe they will witness the independence of Scotland.

Last year in September, the National Scotland Party (SNP) had called for a referendum for the independence of Scotland, and 55.3% of Scots voted “No” over 44.7% votes of “Yes” and chose to stay in the United Kingdom.

Alex Salmond former leader of Scottish National Party (SNP) had repeatedly called for a referendum for the independence of Scotland, but resigned one day after the referendum was rejected.

However, the recent survey predicts that the younger generation will vote for the independence of Scotland and the positive campaigns of the Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon contribute to this factor.

Sturgeon has claimed that there is a “democratic lock” on the referendum and she is not planning one as yet, adding that the people would need to vote for one, reported Sky News.

The SNP was established in 1934 and is a social democratic party with an ambition for the independence of Scotland.

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