Polls predict fall for socialist candidate in French elections

Benoit Hamon, a candidate of the ruling Socialist Party, lags behind in polls, prompting questions about the future of the party.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon's ratings have plummeted to as low as eight percent and no pollster sees him qualifying for the second round.

Updated Apr 20, 2017

Parties are wrapping up their last few days of campaigning before the first round of France’s heated presidential elections on Sunday, April 23.

Four of the 11 candidates have a chance of progressing to the second round. 

According to the latest polls, socialist candidate Benoit Hamon looks likely to fall at the first hurdle.

The Socialist Party is one of two main parties of government. If, as the polls predict, Hamon falls in the first round, the leaders of France Socialist Party will have to ask themselves serious questions about the future of the party.

With millions of French voters still undecided or planning to abstain, the vote is the most unpredictable in France in decades.

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