Polls show French in favour of ground intervention in Syria

Survey in France shows 56 percent are in favour of ground intervention as part of international coalition

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Representative troops.

Numerous French people support the movement of sending troops to fight against ISIS militants in Syria as part of an international coalition, a poll showed on Sunday.

According to the poll conducted for the Sunday newspaper, Le Journal dy Dimanche, 56 percent of people questioned were in favour of a ground intervention as part of an international coalition.

An intervention on the ground has so far been ruled out by the French President Francois Hollande and French authorities, but Segolene Royal, the Minister for Environment told the French media on Sunday that the idea was "not taboo."

As France begins preparations over a decision on whether to launch air strikes against ISIS militants or not.

"The question of sending ground troops is not yet on the table... but obviously nothing is taboo," Royal said on RTL radio.

France changed their strategy over the Syrian conflict and began surveillance flights over Syria on Tuesday and Wednesday, and they're taking action in preparation for feasible attacks on ISIS targets, the army said on Friday.

The polls were phoned in on September 11-12, with 1,005 people over the age of 18 who participated, with a marginal error of 1.8 percent as Reuters reported.


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