Pro independence Catalans to rally in Barcelona

Nearly half a million Catalans expected to gather in the streets of Barcelona on Friday to show backing independence from Spain.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Hundreds of thousands pro independence Catalan rally in Barcelona on Friday, in favour of independence from Spain. They organize to take the streets for 'La Diada', the Catalan National Day. But firstly the Spanish region of Catalans need to get majority after regional parliament election on September 27.

The main parties of Catalonia believe that a vote leads to turn into opportunity for independence from Madrid. So September 27 is a milestone for Catalans.

Before the Catalan National Day, pro-secession candidates are likely to take majority in the 135-seat Catalan parliament in September 27th acording to Spain’s Center for Sociological Research (CIS) poll. After that pro-independence camp includes “The Together For Yes” says if it gets a majority in the regional assembly it would help to push through plans for an independent Catalan state.

Last November, over 80 percent of Catalans voted in favour of independence but Madrid said an unofficial Catalan referendum was invalid and he frequently indicates "It is up to Spaniards to decide what they want Spain to be."

In 2011, only one in five Catalans supported independence. But Catalan nationalism has increased as a result of Spain's long economic crise and austerity cuts imposed by the central government..

During this election period, The Catalan Nationalist Party, Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC), and the Catalan Republican Left (ERC)  agreed to set up institutions that will be at the foundation of an independent Catalan state, while Catalan President Artur Mas stated in a document that the 18 months after the September polls will serve as a transition period towards independence.


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