Protesters rally against new Moldavian PM

Protesters gather outside Moldova's Parliament following approval of Pavel Filip as new PM

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Protesters scuffle with riot police outside Moldovan parliament

Moldovan lawmakers appointed the country's third prime minister in less than a year on Wednesday, which led to police clashing with protestors who forced their way into the parliament, demanding snap elections.

Around 3,000 people protested outside the ex-Soviet state’s parliament, as a dozen protesters scuffled with police in riot gear and accused lawmakers of being traitors for backing the new Prime Minister, Pavel Filip.

Police later secured the building and calmed the situation, in which one politician was injured.

Filip is a member of the main pro-European coalition, and a former IT and communications minister in the last government, who was chosen by the president as a compromise candidate after two earlier candidates were rejected.

"The people of Moldova don't need a government that says pleasant things, but a government that solves their problems," Filip said after the vote.

His appointment follows Chiril Gaburici’s resignation in June, for using fake diplomas and his successor Valeriu Strelet’s ousting by a no-confidence motion, which has left Europe’s poorest country without a proper government since October.

Filip faces an economic challenge as well as a political one.

Moldova needs a stable government to get funding from overseas lenders, including the International Monetary Fund, which was withheld in the wake of October’s $1 billion banking scandal and subsequent political crisis.

TRTWorld, Reuters