Protesters threaten to block major roads in Moldova

Anti-government protesters in Moldova demand president’s resignation on ‘lost billions’ case, they're threatening to block all major roads around the country

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Protesters carry Moldova's national flags during an anti-government rally, organised by the civic platform "Dignity and Truth" (DA), in central Chisinau, Moldova

Anti-government demonstrators in Moldova's capital city Chisinau has demanded the resignation of President Nicolae Timofti and other high level officials over the “lost billions” case from the banking system. Protesters have also threaten officials to blocked all main roads across the Moldovia.

"For now the authorities are ignoring our demands, so we've gone to plan 'B'. The blocking of traffic on the main avenue of the country is the first step, later there will be more," Renato Usatii, head of the opposition movement "Our Party," told Reuters in Chisinau, where protesters have set up dozens of tents.

Usatii announced over Facebook and called on Moldovans to not pay their utility bills to boycott the government. "Until the authorities solve the problem of the stolen billion, we won't pay our bills," he said.

Formed by pro-EU activists, journalists and intellectuals the “Dignity and Truth” (DA) group leader and a former deputy Prime Minister Valentin Dolganyuk said, "we set off in an organised motorcade to get our demand over to as many people as possible. I was told that about a thousand cars took part in the rally."

"We have switched protests to towns and villages where protests are underway too. The authorities will soon feel they are to go, the people can stand them any longer," said Dolganyuk.

Moldovan politics have been in turmoil since officials from the Central Bank of Moldova revealed that three banks had given out one and a half billion dollars in loans.

A leaked parliamentary report previously made the claim that the money was channelled to Russian banks. However, according to the BBC, most of the money had passed through British companies.

Central Bank Governor Dorin Dragutanu gave his resignation last month, but refused any responsibility for the fraud.

However the ruling coalition leaders rejected any option related to resignation, as anger over the corruption has extensionally continued in the capital city.

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