Question to be on Britain’s EU ref decided

The question that to appear to voters on Britain's EU referendum has been released

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015
A simple “Yes or No” referendum will take place in Britain to decide on the future of Britain in the European Union by 2017.
The question on the ballot paper has officially been decided to write "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?"
The phrasing is important because the “stay in EU” campaign will brand itself as the yes campaign, reflecting a more positive image.
British Prime Minister David Cameron has started touring around European capitals to build support for reforms.
Prior to the elections this year, Cameron promised reform on Britain’s relationship with the EU before taking the British people to a referendum.
The Scottish referendum last year saw the pro UK campaign as negative because of campaigning with the “No” camp.
David Cameron supports remaining a member of the European bloc with the implementation of the anticipated reforms.
"That Cameron is opting to give the pro-EU side the positive 'Yes' suggests strongly that his negotiations are so much fudge," the former leader of UK Independence Party has said.
"He has already decided which way he wants the answer to be given, without a single power repatriated."
A government source confirmed the question is official.
"It will be for voters to decide whether to stay or leave," the source said.
The PM is scheduled to visit the leaders of Germany, France, Denmark Poland during the week to guarantee the necessary reforms.
The government has announced that citizens of other EU countries will not be allowed to vote in the referendum and that the minimum age requirement for voting will be 18 as opposed to 16 year age limit on the Scottish referendum.
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