Refugee-tripping camerawoman to sue victim, Facebook

Hungarian camerawoman who tripped refugee carrying his child plans to sue him along with Facebook for inciting biased views, hatred against her

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo seen kicking-tripping refugee father carrying his child

Updated Oct 22, 2015

Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo, speaking to Russian newspaper Izvestia stated that she plans to sue the Syrian refugee whom she tripped, for allegedly changing his testimony in court and Facebook for fueling hatred against her.

Last month, a footage was released showing Laszlo deliberately kicking and tripping refugees as they fled from the police in Roszke. Upon this, she was fired by N1TV and she went on trial.

She told the Russian newspaper that she is planning to bring action against the Syrian father, Osama Abdul Mohsen for allegedly changing the statement he gave the police and Facebook for ignoring threats towards her on the social media site.

"(Mr Mohsen) changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police," said Laszlo.  

"My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honour" she added.

The incident took place as hundreds of asylum seekers, fleeing their war-torn countries broke through a police line at a collection point close to the Serbian border.

Earlier last month, Laszlo apologised for her brutal behaviour and claimed that it was an action carried out in a “situation of panic.” She is currently facing criminal charges.

Hungary is transit point for refugees from the Middle East and Africa who are fleeing famine, poverty and war, with more than 140,000 people crossing its southern border with Serbia this year alone.

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