Refugees entering Hungary hits new record

Tough cross border security measures imposed by Hungary to end growing number of refugees fail to stop those entering country

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Syrian refugees struggle to cross under razor fitted fence as they enter Hungary at the border with Serbia, near Roszke, August 27, 2015

Refugees continue to enter Hungary in record numbers as authorities on Thursday announced that the number of arrivals have now exceeded 3,000. 

In at attempt to curb the increasing number of refugees entering the country from neighbouring Serbia, the Hungarian government employed prisoners to build a four-meter-high fence, fitted with three layers of razor wire, to cover the entire 175-kilometre (110-mile) border. 

However, this did not stop the refugees from fighting their way into the country as close to 3,241 new refugees, 700 of them being children, have managed to reach the Hungarian border town, Roszke.

Hungary has become a main route for refugees and asylum seekers, escaping from wars and poverty, who want to enter Austria and Germany to re-build a brighter future but this has not been easy.

Budapest is tightening measures on border crossing by refugees imposing harsh laws and allocating more than 2,000 so-called "border hunter" patrols to track “trespassers” by September. 

Majority of the refugees who have fled their homes come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo.


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