Refugees in Greece relocated to Luxembourg

Greece implements first refugee relocation to Luxembourg

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and Foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn talk while the first six families are ready to be relocated from Greece to Luxembourg

Refugees in Greece were relocated to Luxembourg on Wednesday as part of carrying out a plan to comfort the country amid the enormous amount of refugees coming into Greece looking for asylum.

Moreover, the European Union funded a 780-million-euro program in where the first six families coming from Iraq and Syria were taken from Athens to their new location.

The refugee families enjoyed the news of their transfer while they were taking “selfie” pictures with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, right before they flew to their new destination.

"Thirty in the face of thousands who have fled their homes in Syria and Iraq is a drop in the ocean," Tsipras said.

"But we hope that this becomes a stream, and then a river of humanity and shared responsibility, because these are the principles upon which the European Union was built," he added.

Families ready to be relocated as part of a program approved by the EU

The influx of refugees entering the country from the Turkey-Greece border has been massive. More than 580,000 refugees have entered Greece creating a situation never seen before, where the European Union has been struggling to cope with.

Thus, during their journey, the refugees have been confronted with the worst of circumstances any individual could come across. They suffered neglect, extreme weather conditions, hunger as well as many other losses. Children were the ones who attracted attention because of the conditions they had to face and witness at such young ages.

On the other hand, Greece accepted to give shelter to approximately 50,000 refugees until a new location would be found for them, with the assistance of funding from the United Nations.

The European Union has approved of the relocation of about 160,000 refugees from the countries that struggle to control the influx.

Italy and Sweden have already accepted about 86 people as part of the EU agreement.

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