Renzi’s DP survives regional elections in Italy

Italian Prime Minister’s party wins five Italian regions without reaching former election result of 40 percent

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Forty year-old Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his centre left Democratic Party (PD) lost the northwestern region of Liguria and won the campania regions in the Italian regional elections on Sunday.

According to Italian Rai News, the PD secured 23.7 percent of the total votes, and 35 percent of the votes in main Italian regions of Tuscany, Marche and Umbria. The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement party took 18.4 percent, the anti-immigrant Northern League 12.5 percent and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia 10.7 percent of the vote.

According to officials from PD, the election results showed that the Italian population continue to support Renzi and his reforms.

According to the Financial Times, the main achievement of PD was winning the Campania region with Vincenzo De Luca’s candidacy, despite claims that De Luca’s candidacy will decrease the PD’s vote in the elections due to his corruption and fraud case last year.

Prime Minister Renzi did not receive public support in the northern region of Liguria. PD’s candidate Raffaella Paita was beaten by Giovanni Toti from Berlusconi’s centre-right Forza-Italia party.

Competing with another candidate from within the left-wing PD also reduced the vote rate of the DP’s candidate in Liguria.

PD deputy secretary Debora Serracchiani said that "obviously the result in Liguria is bitter for us."

The anti-Euro and anti-immigrant Northern League is likely to overtake Berlusconi’s Forza Italia to become the Italian right’s most powerful party after the elections. The Northern League’s candidate Veneto Luca Zaia was re-elected. The party gathered the second highest vote rates in Tuscany.

Zaia said that “it is a resounding win. We doubled the number of votes of the Democratic Party.”

The anti-Euro and anti-establishment 5-Star Movement also achieved 20 percent of the vote rate in Liguria and Marche, and took nearly 15 percent of the vote in the remaining regions.

The voting process was ended at 11 pm local time, and had between 49 and 56 percent participation of the Italian public.

Italy’s nearly 1,000 municipalities in 7 regions and 22 million voters will participate in the regional elections on Sunday.

After last year’s European election in which they received 40 percent of the vote, Matteo Renzi and his ruling centre-left Democratic Party (PD) have been continuing to develop the Italian economy and education sector.

Matteo Renzi has been Secretary of the Democratic Party since 2013 and Italian Prime Minister since 2014.

When he was 39, Renzi became the youngest prime minister of Italy. He was also the first person to be elected as prime minister while holding office as mayor.

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