Romania steps up border security to prevent refugee influx

Romania decides to step up border security as fears of refugee influx increases from neighbouring Serbia

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Romania increases security on border.

Romania had increased its border security with its neighbour Serbia after a large number of refugees crossed into the country, fearing it may become the new transit route for asylum seekers who were unable to cross through the Balkan states.

As the influx of refugees continue into Europe from Middle Eastern countries, especially war torn Syria, European countries worry about the future of the Schengen system of open internal borders within the European Union.

More than one million people fleeing poverty, war and repression in the Middle East, Asia and Africa reached Europe's shores last year, most heading for Germany.

Meanwhile, Hungary has already said that it is ready to build a fence on its border with Romania, if refugees switch to that route instead of going through Croatia.

Some southern European countries have already taken precautions measures, Austria will start deporting 50 thousand refugees, whose asylum applications were rejected, with military transport planes within one month.

From Romania, refugees would be likely to try to enter Hungary en-route for western Europe.

"In this period, the General Inspectorate of Border Police and Gendarmerie has increased surveillance of the Serbian-Romanian border in order to prevent and stop illegal migration,” said Timisoara region border police spokesperson, Roxana Costache.

"I'm afraid a bit, but on the other hand they [migrants] are also human beings and they have to manage somehow, to find a better place - as we [Romanians] search elsewhere [in other countries], they do the same,” said local resident , Nicoleta.

Also, "Do you think they [refugees] left because it was good there? It's not good there. We also have unemployed people. Three, four million people left our country to find a place to work. What can we do? We are helping them [migrants] as much as we can. I didn't have problems with them. If I see one, I give him a piece of bread, as he is poor as I am," another local resident, Ioan, added.

Germany, which has a population of around 80 million, has welcomed more refugees than any other European country, approximately 1.1 million refugees came in 2015 and officials are keen to ensure that the numbers are lower this year.

Last month, 35,822 Syrians arrived in Germany - the largest group arriving in the country. Iraqis and Afghans followed them with more than 18,000 from each country as well as much smaller numbers of Iranians and Moroccans.

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