Romanian mayor in custody for spying

Prosecutors suspected Mayor Nichita spying people through police officers

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Romanian police arrested the Mayor of the northeastern city of Iosi due to employment of police officers to spy on his rivals and his girlfriend.

The anti-corruption department accused the mayor of Iosi, Gheorghe Nichita, with corruption.

On Thursday, Mayor Nichita was questioned for seven hours in court. The judge banned him from leaving the city until the case was closed.

With Nichita, three other police officers were also detained for the same accusations.

Romanian media published all documents and transcripts the prosecution had compiled on Friday.

According to the documents, Mayor Nichita used police to follow government officials as well as his girlfriend. He was even suspected of installing a surveillance programme on his girlfriend’s mobile phone with the help of a police officer.

Prosecutors claimed that Nichita received confidential information about his rivals from police and some government officials in order to eliminate his opponents.

Gheorghe Nichita has been a member of Social Democratic Party of Romania and the mayor of Iosi since 2003.

Romania’s anti-corruption agency has been fighting against corrupt officials since 2014.

Since its establishment, the agency has detected corruption and deficiency among politicians, government officials and business community, including the country’s Finance Minister Darius Valcov, as well as senior judges, prosecutors and media tycoons.

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