Russia retaliates after Sweden expels Russian diplomat

Russia expels Swedish diplomat after Stockholm acted first by removing Russian diplomat, claiming his actions not in accordance with diplomatic code of behaviour

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Sweden has expelled a Russian diplomat and prompted Russian action, according to the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s statement on Monday.

Russia responded to the move by also expelling a Swedish diplomat from its embassy in Stockholm.

Stockholm said the Russian diplomat’s activities were not in accordance with the Vienna Convention, which is a diplomatic code of behaviour. They added that he engaged in “acts improper to his post and status.” They refused to give further details.

Russia however did not provide any comments on the move after its envoy left Stockholm.

Sweden is known to be highly critical of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Russia’s alleged meddling in eastern Ukraine and support of separatist forces has sparked much condemnation and criticism from the West.

Moscow has also been accused of heavy-handed tactics and human-rights abuses in the North Caucasus which have fuelled resentment among locals.

Consequently, the US and the EU have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in the areas of finance, energy and security and prolonged due 2016.

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