Russia says Sinai plane crash is 'terror attack'

Russia confirms its passenger plane that crashed in Egypt last month was brought down by 'terrorist attack'

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A child's shoe is seen in front of debris on Nov. 1, the plane was traveling from Sharm el Sheikh to St. Petersburg when it crashed shortly after takeoff in the Sinai Peninsula

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that a handmade bomb ripped apart the Russian passenger plane that crashed in Egypt last month, killing 224 people.

Putin stated that the attack was one of the bloodiest in modern Russian history and therefore he commanded the military to increase the Russian air attacks in Syria as a response.

"It (our campaign) must be intensified in such a way that the criminals understand that retribution is inevitable," said Putin and added, "We will search for them everywhere wherever they are hiding. We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them."

“The terrorists will understand that retribution is inevitable.”

After the Paris attacks which killed at least 129 people, FSB Director Bortnikov met with President Putin in Kremlin on Monday night and for the first time, Moscow confirmed that its plane was brought down as a result of a bomb attack.

“We can say that [Sinai plane crash] was a terror act,” Bortnikov stated.

“After the examination on all these objects, we have found traces of a foreign-made explosive substance” Bortnikov said.

"According to an analysis by our specialists, a homemade bomb containing up to 1 kilogram of TNT detonated during the flight, causing the plane to break up in mid air, which explains why parts of the fuselage were spread over such a large distance." 

Egypt detains two airport staff

Egyptian security officials said on Tuesday that two Sharm al Sheikh airport staff were detained over the downing of the Russian passenger plane.

"Seventeen people are being held, two of them are suspected of helping whoever planted the bomb on the plane at Sharm al-Sheikh airport," one of the officials said.

On October 31, Metrojet Flight 9268 crashed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing 224 passengers on board, as it was en route to St. Petersburg from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh.

Officials from the United States and the United Kingdom said on November 4 that their intelligence indicated a possible DAESH terror attack on  the Russian plane.

Both Egyptian and Russian authorities strongly dismissed claims by DAESH’s Sinai affiliate and said that any rocket attack claims by DAESH were nonsense.

The black boxes which were found in the country's Sinai Peninsula had also signaled possible exterior factors, as there was an unusual sound recorded before the moment of the crash.


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